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results of civil war

what was 6 results of the civil war? 600,000 soldiers died or wounded billions of dollars of damage mostky in the south union was saved federal government was strengthened abraham lincoln assasinated by john wilkes booth millions of afriacan americans freed after the war what was more powerful the states or federal government? federal government

The American Civil War Flashcards

Union North Union Advantages – Greater manpower – More resources – More railroads to move supplies, equipment, and men – Experienced government – Larger population Confederacy South Confederate Advantages – Fighting in home territory – Best military officers – Better trade relationships with Europe Union Goal – Keep the Union together Confederacy Goal – Defend… VIEW ESSAY

Unit 2: US History H

Which of these statements BEST describes “Jacksonian Democracy”? The presidency of Andrew Jackson is often referred to as “Jacksonian Democracy.” You can describe it as a government led by a strong president and that challenged the other Branches. You may also hear it called “democracy for the common man,” since Jackson- a man of humble… VIEW ESSAY

APUSH Ch.14-15 Practice Questions

1. The event that touched off the process of secession for the majority of southern states was E) the election of Lincoln to the presidency 2. The Crittenden Compromise contained all of the following provisions A) the preservation of slavery in Washington, D.C. B) a constitutional amendment to guarantee the continued existence of slavery in… VIEW ESSAY

Causes And Effects of Civil War

Compromise of 1850 -admitted CA as free state -organized UT and NM as territories open to slavery -ended slave trade in DC -enforced strong fugitive slave law 14th amendment -Declared former slaves to be citizens with full civil rights -Couldn’t treat citizens differently John browns raid Planned to seize weapons and ammunition to Arm slaves… VIEW ESSAY


Reconstruction of the South after the Civil War was viewed by the victorious Northerners as A) a means by which the industrial capacity of the South could be rebuilt B) the best means by which poor whites could be given positions of power in the South C) the only way the South could be prevented… VIEW ESSAY

Romanticism, Realism, Photography Test

awe mixed with terror The term “sublime” was considered to inspire which of the following feelings? Henry Fuseli Which of the following artists represented what was called the “sublime” in eighteenth-century art? use of a palette of dirty browns and grays In Courbet’s The Stonebreakers it has been said that he reveals to the viewer… VIEW ESSAY

Chapters 13-14 APUSH

Why did slavery become more central to American politics in the 1840s? Territorial expansion raised the question of whether new lands should be free or slave When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821 Its Native American population was relatively large compared to its non-indian population In 1821 the opening of the Santa Fe… VIEW ESSAY

Civil War Review

Election of 1860 The election was held on Tuesday, November 6, 1860 and served as the immediate impetus for the outbreak of the American Civil War. The United States had been divided during the 1850s on questions surrounding the expansion of slavery and the rights of slave owners. Advantages and Disadv. for the North and… VIEW ESSAY

Civil War

What were the causes of the Civil War? 1. Seceionalism- dividing the nation, favoritism 2. Slavery- south had slve labor 3. Secesion- leaving the union 4. Manifest Destiny- settlement past Oragon border Missouri Compromise (1820)even number of slave and non-slave states, made boundary of slavery Compromise of 1850 admitted Kansas as a free state, banned… VIEW ESSAY

AP US Ch. 20

Fort Sumter (April 1861) Federal fort in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina; the confederate attack on the fort marked the start of the Civil War. Learning that Lincoln planned to send supplies to reinforce the fort, on April 11, 1861, Confederate General Beauregard demanded Anderson’s surrender, which was refused. On April 12, 1861, the… VIEW ESSAY

Give Me Liberty Ch 14

How many people died in the Civil War? 620,000 Why was the Civil War often called the first modern war? It was the first war that mass armies confronted each other with weapons created by the industrial revolution. It was also the first major conflict where railroad transported troops and supplies and the first to… VIEW ESSAY

Section 4. Chapter 26 & 27

A leading advocate of the Enlightenment in France was which of the following? a. Voltaire b. John Lock c. Louis XVI d. Isaac Newton a. Voltaire At the turn of the century, the French Academy was divided rather sharply between two doctrines. Which taught that color was the most important element? Select one: a. Naturalists… VIEW ESSAY

The American Civil War

McClean’s farm Site of the First Battle of Bull Run, Wilmer McClean had the misfortune of having the first and last battle of the Civil War fought on his properties. Fort Sumter Confederate artillery fired on the the US Army fortress in Charleston Harbor, beginning the Civil War. Anaconda Plan Union plan to win the… VIEW ESSAY

Ch. 14 GML

WOTF best describes linclons plan for Reconstruction relatively lenient The Thirteenth Amendment to the US constitution, ratified in December 1865 abolished slavery throughout the Union Abraham Lincolns January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation freed some slaves, but exempted those ni areas under Union crontrol Lincoln issued his Preliminary Emacipation Proclamation immediately following the battle of Antietam… VIEW ESSAY

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